The GDPR software that makes compliance a breeze 

Complying with GDPR doesn’t have to be difficult. With our GDPR compliance software Integrity, it is simple to get a grip on your personal data management. All to ensure that you can feel secure in your GDPR compliance in an effective manner. 


Create an overview of your data protection 

How does your organization process personal data? With Integrity, you quickly get an overview of all your processes. Additionally, you can easily filter out the right category of processes so that you only see what is relevant. 

Streamline your GDPR compliance 

A low-quality record of processing activities is a real time thief. Ensure effective management of GDPR with simple templates and workflows. Integrity takes you from registering new personal data processing to managing the existing record with ease.   


Simplify your collaboration 

Building strong data protection requires involvement. Because Integrity is intuitive and simple, you can delegate the work and avoid your colleagues drowning in admin. 

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“We chose Integrity primarily because it is easier for infrequent users and very user-friendly.” 

– Carolina Wallberg, Information Security Specialist
Åtvidabergs kommun

How does a GDPR tool help you? 

According to GDPR, all organizations are required to maintain a record of how they handle personal data. Documenting all your personal data processes and keeping the information updated can easily become overwhelming. Coordinating and gathering this information quickly becomes an administrative burden. 

We are convinced that it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Furthermore, we know that Excel is not the solution. 

That’s why we developed Integrity. A GDPR tool that is simple. Actually simple. Here, you will have easy templates, a smooth workflow, and an intuitive and modern system support. A tool that simply helps you reduce the administrative burden! 

How Integrity simplifies your GDPR compliance 

Template for RoPA

Document only what is relevant with the built-in template based on the General Data Protection Regulation.

Customizable forms

Start with the standard template or easily customize the form to fit your business.

Simple workflow and help texts

You shouldn't have to be a GDPR expert to contribute to your organization's data protection Integrity guides you through the process.

Reminders for an updated registry

With reminders, Integrity helps you collaborate and keep your registry up to date.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) with risk analysis

Conduct an impact assessment and assess the risk before you start processing sensitive personal data.

Monitoring your actions

Get a simple overview of your privacy-enhancing actions, who is responsible, and when the task should be completed.

Switching GDPR tools? Seamless with Integrity! 

Do you already have a registry for your personal data management? Perhaps in Excel or another tool? Your work is not in vain! With Integrity, it is easy to import your existing registry. 

After that, you’ll be up and running quickly. We have focused on building a truly simple and intuitive interface. Additionally, we assist you along the way with our onboarding. 

Integrity – Secure and smooth implementation. 

Security by design

We know how challenging it can be to ensure high security for your IT services. Therefore, in the design of our product, we have worked according to security by design principles. Servers in Sweden, SSO, support for multi-factor authentication, and high traceability in the system are just a few of our secure solutions.


A system doesn't automatically change your way of working.That's why we believe onboarding is crucial. We provide training in your new system and offer guidance on how to reach your goals.


If something goes wrong or doesn't work as you want, we are there for quick support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is Integrity?

Integrity is the system that helps you manage your data protection work and comply with GDPR. In the system, you can maintain your record of processing activities in a simple and smooth manner. Additionally, there is assistance to ensure high quality of the registry and to keep it updated. 

How does Integrity work?

In Integrity, it is possible to visualize an existing record of processing activities, document new processing activities, and conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).There is a review workflow that makes it easy for Data Protection Officers or similar roles to review new activities. Additionally, there are reminder functions to update older and outdated activities. 

You can filter the type of personal data processing you are interested in. Moreover, the system is permission-based, so that those responsible for documenting activities only see what is relevant to them. The entire experience is simple and efficient. 

Who is the product suitable for?

Integrity is aimed at all types of organizations that process personal data and need a structured and secure way to manage their data protection work. 

It is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for organizations with a decentralized structure regarding data protection. Here, multiple users can contribute to an updated record, while review functions are available for those coordinating the work. 

We already have a system for our record of processing activities - what do we do?

If you already have a tool that you are satisfied with, that’s great! If not, we are happy to help you compare to see if Integrity better meets your requirements. 

Additionally, we can easily transfer your existing record of processing activities. So, you don’t need to start over just because you choose a different solution! 

Can we export our record of processing activities from Integrity?

The record of processing activities can be easily exported to Excel. This way, you can showcase your register during any potential audits. 

How do we get started?

Start by booking a demo with us. After that, you can choose the product that best suits your needs. 

Integrity Standard is suitable for those who want to get a handle on their personal data management. Integrity DPIA is suitable for those who want to both manage their personal data and have the ability to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments. 

If you want to import your existing record of processing activities, you can easily do it yourself via our import tool. Support is also available from us if you wish. Additionally, we offer onboarding packages and training to quickly get you started. 

Enbark on effortless data protection today!

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